Mollie Teams - Nutzungsbedingungen

These terms govern the use of Mollie Teams, complementing Mollie’s User Agreement. A user is an individual who has created a Mollie Account (“User”). A team member is a User who is authorized to act on behalf of an Organization within a specific role (“Team Member”).

Capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in the User Agreement.

Article 1. Contracting entity

Mollie enables you to invite other Users as team members to your Organization by assigning them a specific role. You, as the Organization’s legal representative (“Owner”), have the sole authority to determine which role will be assigned to a Team Member.

Once you invite a User to your Organization, you will be solely responsible for the use of your Organization by your Team Members as you hereby grant a power of attorney to your Team Members to represent your Organization within the scope of their role.

You can authorize several Team Members in different roles to use Mollie’s Payment Services on your Organization’s behalf (e.g.: Developer, Finance, Support). No distinct User Agreement between Mollie and these Users results from the mere use of Mollie’s Payment Services under these Terms of Use.

It is your responsibility, in your capacity as Owner, to inform your Team Members of the terms of the User Agreement, to be found here, and to make sure that your Team Members do not exercise their role in a way that might lead to a breach of the User Agreement by your Organization. You must ensure that your Team Members acknowledge that their use of their role and your Organization is governed by the User Agreement and that your Team Members agree to use Mollie’s Payment Services only in accordance with your instructions and within the scope of their role.

Section 2. Identification of Team Members

If you choose to make use of Mollie Teams, you agree to adequately identify and verify the identity of a User prior to inviting such User to your Organization. For clarity purposes, Mollie will not perform the identification and verification of a Team Member invited by you to your Organization.

The identification and verification of the identity of the User must be carried out by you or someone on your behalf who is authorised to do so. You can verify the identity of your Team Members with an identification document such as: a valid ID, passport or residence permit.

You must keep a record of all identification and verification data of the User for as long as the User is a Team Member of your Organization. In the event that Mollie or Mollie’s supervisory authority requests to receive the identification and verification data of a Team Member, you will provide such data without undue delay.

You will only be able to invite a specific User based on his or her personally identifiable email address. This User will receive an invite to join your Organization with this email address and he or she will be able to create a Mollie Account or, if applicable, log in with an existing Mollie Account. You may not grant a User access to your Organization if the identification and verification of the User has not yet taken place.

Section 3. Limitation of liability

Mollie’s liability for the use of the Payment Services is determined in the User Agreement. You accept and agree that you remain liable for all actions of your Team Members in your Organization. Therefore, Mollie cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or loss of profits, data or data use, arising from actions made by your Team Members in your Organization.

Section 4. Term and termination

Your Team Member shall be entitled to access your Organization for the duration of the User Agreement, unless you terminate or adjust the Team Member’s privileges (e.g. due to termination of labour or consultancy contract).

Mollie is entitled to suspend or terminate the access and the use of your Organization (e.g. by blocking or terminating the Team Member’s Mollie Account) without prior notification if (Mollie suspects that) you or one of your Team Members violates these Terms of Use or the User Agreement.